Part 4. Looking Out.

I like landscapes as a genre. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and there wasn’t much else to do apart from appreciate it. Exercise. A Review. I saved this exercise until there was hope of going to a gallery exhibition again, and for this I found myself lucky – given that everything isContinue reading “Part 4. Looking Out.”

Assignment Two.

My initial idea for this assignment was to carry on painting lemons, or other fruit, in the same style as the lemons that I had done earlier, perhaps in a bowl. However, it seemed to me that this was a rather easy way to tackle the assignment and I should try something different – thatContinue reading “Assignment Two.”

Part 2. Close to Home.

Project 1. Understanding Colour. I spend quite a lot of my time thinking about colour – of things that I see in everyday life, of paintings, in nature, people’s clothes, the walls and other parts of my house and, in these strange days of 2020, of other people’s houses on whatever digital platform we areContinue reading “Part 2. Close to Home.”

Assignment 1.

Before I started the assignment, I attended a two hour course on 31st July taught by Keith Ashcroft for OCA, called ‘Working from Dark to Light‘. It seemed almost made for this assignment, and it was very good. So I tried to put into practice this experience, as well as the various exercises in theContinue reading “Assignment 1.”


Chiaroscuro (or claroscuro in Spanish) is ‘the dramatic contrast of dark and light in an image’ (White, 2011: 33). It is not therefore restricted to static images, and indeed the first time I felt like I really understood what it meant was watching the Godfather. For painting, that means a piece that involves strong contrastsContinue reading “Chiaroscuro”

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